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We have been manufacturing the boot-bag car luggage rack alternative for over 10 years now since 2008, all boot-bags are hand made by us. Boot-bag is our idea, our design, our patent and it is made by us. We don't know of a similar product worldwide.

Boot-bag was conceived in mid 2007, after many years of travelling to Le-Mans in our MX-5. Every year we bought more gear, every year we ended up with a black bin liner strapped to the a chrome boot rack it was guaranteed to leak, tear and flap, make a very annoying sound, and the boot-rack chipped the side of our boot-lid. We decided to look around for an alternative but found there wasn't one. What we really needed was a bag we could attach to the boot, all the chrome boot-rack did was protect our paintwork, we still needed a waterproof bag.

We started manufacture of the boot-bag in 2008. We have refined the product materials and design over the years and are now on the MK4. (see below)

We have now been selling boot-bags for 10 years and have literally sent them all over the world, there are some in Brazil and more than one hundred in Australia. Owners of humble MGF's and MX5's to Aston Martins, have purchased boot-bags. The feedback we get from customers is always positive, they love their boot-bag's and wonder why no one did this before.

We are the designers and manufacturers and no body else makes boot-bags. We have a 14 day money back guarantee on all boot-bags and luggage racks. If for any reason if you are not happy with any product simply post it back to us, unused and we will give you a full refund.

We operate offices and warehouses in the UK & Netherlands enabling us to send products, quickly globally.

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Antony Dixon

Founder & CEO

The boot-bag group


Our cars with their boot-bags original on the Honda vacation on the BMW

The boot-bag stand at an MX5 Owners Club National Rally

We manufacture the boot-bag here freshly cut originals ready to be screen printed and hand sown.

A screen printed boot-bag in the drying rack

All boot-bags are hand sown by us

The history of the boot-bag convertible luggage rack alternative.

The first boot-bags 4 straps and cream matting no shoulder strap and only available in one size.

Now six fixing points and a shoulder strap and at last black matting. 75 Litre Vacation model added to range

Still 6 fixing points and a shoulder strap, but no Velcro flap over the zip and high frequency welded patches for added waterproofing.