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Boot-bag Group - testimonials & feedback

Testimonials :

What our customers think about the boot-bag car boot luggage rack system, Revo-Rack & traditional classic and Italian boot racks via our group sites.

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revo rack mx5 miata luggage rack review


We have just completed our second long road trip with the Revo-Rack on the MX5. This time we did 3800km mostly at freeway speeds but also plenty of curvy roads.

The rack held fast in all the wind blasts and lots of lateral forces. Top up or top down there was never a worry with the rack and luggage.

We could not be happier with our purchase.

Murray and Lindy

Melbourne Australia






morgan luggage rack

hi Liza

The Reck is fantastic !!!


Dr Bastian









Antony :

Thought you might like some photos of your product in use. Took a 240 mile trip and the rack and boot-bag worked really well. Some minor modification on how it straps on might be in order for future releases but overall it worked well and the rack never loosend up on the drive.

Thanks again









Hi Anthony

Here are a couple of shots from my recent road trip from Wiltshire to the Peak District - feel free to use them. My fiancée and I also just went to Salcombe and back with the bag and no problems at all.

We got properly wet and no leaks and the car was showing over 100mph and the bag never moved a millimetre. Struggling to see how it could be improved really maybe a little taller would be good but I could not fit the bigger bag you currently make as the $c is about 10mm too narrow !

We are trying to see if my lady can get enough of her stuff in it in order that we can do a European trip maybe next spring - bit of a challenge :-)



UK 24.9.18






audi tt roadster luggage rack review

Hello Lisa & Tony

We love our luggage rack !

We just completed our 11,200 km trip across Canada via the TransCanada hiway, east to west and then back via the USA. We had a bag on the luggage rack which weighed 60lbs with our gear and clothes and stuff. Never a problem the never shifted 1mm and allowed us to bring all our gear on this awesome trip.

Thanks so much. Your rack was the envy of many other sports car travellers we met on the road. Attached a few pics of our trip feel free to use them.

Fred & Shelia

Ottawa Canada







Dear Mr Ms

I used the Revo-Rack for a long sporty drive and I am impressed. I used it to transport my girlfriends wheel chair on my MX-5

500km of highway, rough Belgian Ardennes roads, cobblestones and barely visible speed bumps, and no cup lost its vacuum during the entire trip.

Happy customer right here, Congratulations on creating an excellent product

Kind Regards

Bert Belgium 5.8.18






I believe the MGF does not look complete until you add a boot rack.

I hope this picture helps feel free to use it.

Very pleased with the product

thank you









hi Liza

We used the boot-bag at the weekend on our trip to Triumfest at Shelsley Walsh.

The weather meant that waterproof luggage was essential and the boot-bag behaves superbly !

Many thanks










morgan stainless steel luggage rackhi Anthony

The Revo-Rack arrived this morning as promised, and its now fitted on my Roadster - See photos.

All as easy and excellent and you said.











Revo-Rack did a great job on my Z8. Its build quality and feather light weight makes it the ultimate rack. I travelled on both the Autobahn and Alps passes and did not need to pump the cups.

It holds very tight, great product.











Boot-bag Vacation in use on Gertans epic road trip in his MGB

thanks !













I just wanted to email you to say what a fantastic product the boot bag is! We have just travelled over 1000 miles in my Mazda Mx5 with it attached to the boot and it was amazing. So roomy and so much fitted in it and it didn't move or cause any issues at all during travel. You have changed the way we travel for good, its amazing! Thank you so much









Hi Liza,

Thank you for your prompt action on my Revo Rack, it arrived today & as promised, here are some pictures of it on my car. I have added a couple with the security lead attached.

Thankfully it fitted nicely, I will leave it on overnight to check it’s suction again in the morning.

Once again, thank you for your help.

Kind regards

Ian UK 23.5.18




Greetings Liza,

At last I have overcome my religious difficulty (am a devout "LAZY" ), and wish to send you this short email... we meandered around for a month visiting many rural areas of South Australia, Victoria and a little of New South Wales to return home last week with now 10,000kms on the same speedo, all with the boot-bag on RF.

We did stop most every night, and were able just to click 6 buckles and take BB into the motel room. In the morning we had an exacting regimen and were on the way within a few minutes, completely done us …. and not a screech/complaint from the boot-bag 

Overall a terrific holiday, made better by our association with your product. Fantastic !!!!

Glynn Australia 13.5.18










'Huge shoutout to the people across the pond at Revo-Rack. They didn’t pay me or anything to endorse them, but the rack is honestly the best possible solution for adding storage capacity to the world’s favorite roadster. It left no marks and I am sure it would work well on other vehicles too. At around $300 the rack seemed expensive at first, but it worked flawlessly and even kept all that camping gear rock steady into triple digit speeds at one point. Plus it’s something that I’ll continue to use in the future'

Thanks to Matthew for this great review on his blog of the Revo-Rack.Read the full post here…/best-camping-vehicle-the-ans…/

Matthew USA 7.5.18








Hello Boot-bag Group

I received my Revo-Rack a couple of weeks ago I just wanted to share some pictures.

I use it on my 2008 Saturn Sky Redline and it works great. I bought it for a road trip this summer, and have been testing it out. I love it !

Thanks for making a quality 'touchless' rack.

Your guys are awesome


Conneticut USA








Wow ! I have never gotten a delivery form the UK in 3 days !

Here are some pictures of my 2018 MX-5 (less than 500 miles ) and the Revo-Rack. I added some pipe insulation so nothing would get scratched. my 76 year old room mate uses a walker for stability and they don't fit well in a Miata. The Revo Rack is the perfect answer.










Hi Antony

The Revo-Rack works !

Please see attached pictures of the Revo-Rack on my CR Coachworks 58 Vette reproduction. The car is a newly manufactured 1958 Corvette body kit on a 2010 Corvette Chassis.










mazda mx5 mk4 nd luggage racks

Swag fits !

Now for a quick 1500km road trip












bmw z3 boot rack black

Hi Boot-bag group

Thank you very much for the boot rack for my BMW Z3. Pleased to advise you the item arrived yesterday Tuesday 6/2/18.

I am very pleased with this boot-rack

A Rutherforth










Gepäckablage  Gepäcktrager Mazda MX5 RF

Moin Lisa,alles gut.Danke 
Mit freundlichen

Grüßen Jürgen

Morning Lisa, all good.

Thank you

Best regards









mercedes benz slk porte-bagages

Bonjour Liza,L’installation s’est passée impeccable…à partir du moment ou j’ai lu les instructions. Je plaisante, mon Duster est bien assez grand !

Non, c’est la SLK qui pose des problèmes de chargement, mais là, avec 100 Litres de plus, ça va aller pour des ballades de quelques jours Je suis ravi de mon achat

Hello Liza,The installation was flawless ... from the moment I read the instructions.

I'm kidding, my Duster is big enough! No, it is the SLK that poses loading problems, but here, with 100 liters more, I can go for a few days I am delighted with my purchase

Pierre France 30.1.18         ( Never use a Revo-Rack on a bonnet ! )







Here are some photos of your rack installed on my car. Looks go no?

With kind regards











smart roadster trunk luggage rack

Dear Liza, Dear Antony

Please find attached a photo of my recently purchased Revo-Rack attached to My SMART Roadster.

It is in its first day in use, I'll get back to you with additional feedback after the first few hundred miles.









mx5 rf boot rack


Just to congratulate you on a superbly designed piece of kit, photo's show both my wifes MX5 and my RF with the rack attached, well pleased.












bootbag fitted to mk2 nb mx5

A HUGE big THANK YOU. we have recently travelled to the north Cornish coast in our Mazda MX5 with one of your boot-bags, easy to fit, fits very well on our car and I can confirm fully waterproof as we had some heavy thundery showers. More than I can say about the poor car, she leaks !!











boot-bag mx5 reviewed


hi Liza

I bought a boot-bag this summer for the holiday trips with my Mazda MX5. I really have become a great fan of your product. Very easy to install and when not in use easy to store in the car. You just have to make sure that the boot is clean before putting the mat on and think a bit how you pack the bag (no objects in the bottom of the bag that can be pressed into the boot)

In my case I packed camping gear for two people into the boot-bag. I did try to operate the roof with the bag on but as it is so quick to install I just took it off when I wanted to close the roof. Also hardly any wind noise when fitted when the straps are properly tied. We had some rain on the way but everything stayed dry inside. I highly recommend the boot-bag for use with an MX5.

Kind Regards



















boxster 981 bike rack

Hi Antony

I just wanted to let you know that the Spring Luggage Rack works great as a bicycle rack on my 2013 Boxster 981. I drove the car several hundred miles with the bike on it and it was solid as a rock. I left wheels and pedals on the bike but I had to fashion a sleeve for the lower pedal to protect the car.












mazda mx5 nc luggage rack boot-bag

Hi Antony

Just returned from a rainy trip to the Isle Of Skye and boot-bag worked really well keeping all our clothes dry and stable on the back of our MX5. So really pleased with the bag itself.











mercedes slk ski snowboard rack

hi Liza

We have used the Revo-Rack and its great and easy to use...its the best solution ever to carry extra stuff on a sports car. The attachment by the rack is very strong. Couldn't believe it until I tired it myself.

Photo attached with the trip.




















Hello Antony

After over a year I remain pleased with my boot rack on my Honda S2000.

I was yesterday at an S2000 Owners Club inspired day out at the 'Silverstone Classic' they were expecting 24 S2000'S. The young lady with the owners club guy called Ian was very impressed with my boot luggage rack and I have sent her all your details so you may see some business come your way !

Best Regards











Dear Anthony

We are now back in Holland after a trip of nearly 5000 kms through France & Spain...You can see how we packed.

As you can see I used extra straps for safety. The rack was doing very well only one time did I have to pump one cup extra.









toyota mr2 spider luggage rackI finished assembling the Summer 142 rack and installed it on my MR2. I took it to work this morning for a bit of a road test and the rack is snug and secure. I'm very impressed with the quality both in the design/engineering and in the materials/craftsmanship. I'm very happy with it and will be spreading the word this side of the pond.

Thanks for your excellent service


Dallas Georgia USA







fiat barchetta luggage rackBoot-bag on the Norway tour. It was a great trip with 38 Barchetta from Oslo to the Altantic Road












bentley luggage rackconvertible trunk rack


many thanks for the email and advice...I have found the rack very effective. I have attached a couple of photos of it on my car.

Kind Regards








bmw z4 e85 boot rack

Hi Liza

We love our boot-bag...bought a while ago and now been on our last two 3 series and on our new Z4. Brilliant and still going strong.

The attached photo as taken in the Picos mountains' of Northern Spain. I was using the boot-bag for my clothes as the boot was full of fine Rioja!!

Feel free to post to Facebook etc if you like



UK 17.6.17







Many thanks...I purchased the Revo-Rack for a Eurotrip in my Roadster Brabus. I drove the car from London to Iceland which I have been told no one had done in this type of car before. The trip was ( England,France,Belgium,Netherlands,Germany,Denmark) Ferry from Denmark to Iceland. The trip took several days but the rack held up beautifully all the way holding 20kg. Its a good product and better than expected though one cup started losing suction before the other two early in the trip it still held and I just pumped it up every time I stopped.

see attached pictures from the trip








smart roadster boot rack

The Revo-Rack is here and I am really happy about.













Bag worked perfect on the new Fiat Spider on a trip to Montauk Long island New York, Can't believe how much it can hold.

Thanks again











mgb stainless steel luggage rack

hi Antony

This is how the rack looks when installed, it pinches the dealing rubber a little but so far okay.

Many thanks








mercedes sl bike rack



I bought the ex demo Saris Bones from you.

It arrived today and I took it for a spin on the SL - no probs.

thank you for the advice ; thought I might have to change the car !















vauxhall vx220 luggage rack

Hey Pal

Got some pictures of the boot-bag after a journey to the Nurburgring ! The bag held up amazing all the way back. Great Product we had to improvise the strapping points as the hooks are too thin to slide on the VX220 wheel arches so would only strap down well with the roof off.












mx5 mk4 luggage rack


Greetings from Mexico City.

Find attached two pictures of the Revo-Rack on my MX5 just installed and no problems so far












classic alfa spider boot rack

Thanks Liza,

The Revo-Rack arrived today as you indicated, before I left for the w/e so it has its first outing. Rack was very quick and easy to assemble and mount. Fitting and tightening the straps was the slowest and fiddliest part of getting going so to elastic straps next time. It all works very well and does what it says on the tin.












G'day Antony

Today was our first run from Canberra to our unit on the South Coast of NSW; a 2 hour run. We usually take our C Class Mercedes down as it has a large boot. With the Boot-bag on the MX5 Roadster we were able to take all we could take in the Mercedes, the Boot-bag was only half full. Its easy to fit an remove a great idea of yours.

Thank you

















Thought you would like to see ours. Several multi day trips in heavy weather but the clothes stayed dry. Excellent product.


Florida USA











revo-rack mx5 miata luggage rack testimonia






Tested on one trip I now have more space.


Pai Cheng

Taiwan - 8.5.17

( We ship globally ! )







mog 3 wheeler luggage rack - bootbag original fitted to green 3 wheeler

hi Liza now we have discovered the mystery of the disappearing straps we are ready to travel with our extra storage space. The bag is excellent and placed on the rear of the carrier I am able to access the fuel cap without the need to remove it.

I attach a couple of photographs

Thanks for a brilliant product and prompt back up when sought, even though it was out fault !

Regards Phil







toyota mr2 spider luggage rack

LIZA ! the rack arrived today. Can't believe it got here so fast. Tommy & I will be playing with it at the weekend...Fits perfectly. Thank god we only have to assemble it once !! thanks so much for all your help :-)


Maryland USA









toyota mr2 spider luggage rack



The Revo-Rack works great ! so quick to fit. Thanks a lot


North Carliona USA










Total MX5 Magazine review our latest product Revo-Rack in their March 17 issue

















saab 93 convertible ski rack

Many thanks from Wyoming  !



Wyoming USA


















mazda mx5 bootbag testimonial


Bought the the boot-bag vacation 2 years ago and have been camping in France both years with the bag on the back of the Mazda MX5 convertible. Needless to say the bag is superb, having survived torrential rain on a few occasions and keeping everything dry - sleeping bags, sheets, clothes etc. Probably covered 1500 km with it BTW - with no issues at all.


Would highly recommend


Colin Paula & Dogs !


UK 29.12.16













mazda mx5 revo rack luggage rack

Thank you very much Liza & Antony.

I am looking forward to using my new Revo-Rack. So you know I will let folks aware of your company as I am sure I will get questions where I obtained it ! I have sent pics & website to Roadster owners already on how cool it is.

Thank you again,


Louisiana USA 7.12.16









mx5 roadster coupe porte bagage


hi Antony

Wanted to tell you I love the boot-bag on my Roadster Coupe MX5, so easy to use, the on/off is very quick and I can operate the roof with the bag fitted.

thank you


Brittany France 4.10.16








mazda mx5 mk2 luggage rack

Hi Antony

just a note to say.. a really good piece of kit, well designed, well made and just the thing for giving the MX5 a bit of extra carrying capacity on a camping trip.


UK 29.8.16










minari luggage rack


the boot-bag worked wonderfully on out trip from Guernsey to Cornwall.

Here is a photo on the Minari


UK 18.8.16













luggage rack for tr6

I've just completed a road trip driving a '73 TR6 from Connecticut to the Carolinas to California and back...71 days and 10,200 miles. I was solo part of the way but family members and friends joined in at different points along the way. My new boot-bag was absolutely invaluable...sturdy, expandable, weatherproof and easy to pop on and off. You've got a great product.




Connecticut USA 7.8.16







morgan luggage bag boot-bag vacationI am writing to let you know how delighted we are with our recently purchased boot-bag. whilst wondering how we would fit a week's worth of clothes into the back of our Morgan and internet search came up with your company. We phoned in an order on Monday and it was delivered on Wednesday and we were off on holiday ( with clothes ) on Thursday !!

Its a fantastic product, easy to fit, holds lots, and is definably waterproof !

Many thanks

Mrs S Roberts

UK 9.8.16







luggage rack for nd mx5 miata

Hi Guys

I have just returned from a 4300km road trip ( 2600 miles ), with 3 of the first 4 days driving in torrential rain. The Boot-bag came through with flying colours everything staying bone dry & safe !

Many thanks for your great idea, it will be put through its paces on many more occasions in the future.

Kind regards


Sydney Australia 29.7.16






hi just back from a run around Europe using the boot-bag. Thought I would drop you a quick email to let you know that it's a great piece of kit, through high temperatures, torrential rain and even snow atop the Furka pass in Switzerland it kept everything dry and secure.










hi I just wanted to let you know the boot-bag has been brilliant. I drove from Sussex to Bologna (1500KM) on 24/25 June and had zero problems. On the evening of the first day lost in Switzerland ( because the hotel had no address to enter into the Sat Nav ) a thunderstorm started. I have a hard top roof which is removable, and the rain was coming down with a force that worked its way through the roof in places. I thought there maybe a little dampness in the bag around the zip etc, but when I checked everything was as dry as a bone. Perfeckto :-)

Thanks for a great product








Okay we admit there are some things that won't fit in a boot-bag. Our stainless steel bespoke luggage rack for the MX5 Roadster Coupe sits ultra low allowing the roof to be operated. Many thanks to Herwig for the photo.











UK car Magazine EVO buys a Boot-bag for their long term Mazda MX5 ND/MK4

When car magazine EVO wanted to expand the luggage space on their ND they chose a boot-bag over a rack, a sensible decision in our view.

Review to the left : May 2016 issue P135, its a shame they did not read the instructions and omitted to use the longer left to right strap.






bmw z4 boot rack review

Just letting you the boot-bag is great. I have used it more than 500km tried even 180km/h with no problems...thanks for the bag. On this trip we did not need it but tried it for the experience and it was great. :-)











kit car luggage rack

I have enclosed some pictures of a Bootbag fitted on my GTM Libra kit car ! We have planned a trip to Ireland and needed extra luggage space as the Libra boot is quite small. The bag is quick and simple to fit and is completely waterproof.

Many thanks

Paul & Susan






porsche boxster bike rack


Thank you very much for your very prompt delivery. Its now fitted and looks fantastic. It was the bike carrying capacity that sold me on this and I can happily say it fits perfectly. More easier and less greasy fingers than fixing to a conventional carrier.

thank you









Thank you !!! Received the rack on Friday and it looks GREAT !!!

Even showed it off to my local Mazda when I went in for service this weekend. They thought it looked perfect.

Thanks again from the United States.



Maryland USA

( shipped from the UK to the USA in 48hrs )







jaguar f type luggage rack

hi Antony / Liza

Many thanks for letting me know about the new boot rack for the Jaguar F type convertible. Arrived this week assembled and fitted - Perfect !










bootbag car luggage rack review

hi Liza,

Here is one of the photos at Ulura/Ayres rock in the northern territory Australia.

We did 12,000 km in 6 weeks in all kind of conditions from a start up very cold and chilly -4 c when we left central NSW to a rather stuffy hot and humid 36 c in Kakadu Park Northern Territory plus the dusty dirt tracks of the outback central Australian roads.

Good news too as the boot bag never let us down at any time. We travelled in harsh conditions dust,rain,wind and best of all it held rock steady in the territories open speed limit of 220 kmph.


Juliet ( Australia )





porsche boxster bike rack

Our bikes racks don't fit the Posche Boxster, but one customer has found our beautiful Italian racks can also be used as a bike rack !

Thought you might like a photo for your website. Very pleased with the rack. Did a thousand mile trip no bother. Might try a MK2 version with the bike upright but this works well for now.


15.7.15 - UK









audi a4 saloon roof boxFirst trip away with the vacation boot-bag. Great solution so much cheaper and better than a roof rack. No wind noise no more stuffing gear inside the car, no high fuel increase. Its a winner


1.7.15 - UK










bmw z4 luggage carrierLiza our order arrived at 11:30 this morning. That was fast.....half way round the world to my door including the weekend in less than 5 days. We've looked the boot-bag over and very pleased with its apparent functionality. Can't wait to get it packed up on the Z4 and down the road.


thanks for the great service


Washington USA 30.6.15







smart roadster luggage rackboot-bag vacation on the Smart Roadster for the first of many trips.

Cheers Antony & Liza


29.6.15 - UK








bootbag reviewDear Liza,

Firstly apologies for not having written sooner. I would just like to say how fantastic this product is. So far I have done 15 hours driving with it and it has served above and beyond its purpose. So functional and easy to use and basically does exactly as promised, not a single drop of rain entered inside and I drove through a few storms! 

Thanks and I shall be recommending.

All the best,






bmw z3 boot rackhi Antony

I have now received the boot-bag for my car. I am very satisfied. It was even better than I believed. Thank you very much for a good service. Hope you will have a nice summer


Sweden 22.6.15






boot bag volvo c70 luggage rack

Just a line to let you know I used my Boot Bag for the first time this month on a trip away and would just like to say "What a fantastic product you have". It made my life so much easier having a convertible with a limited boot space where I can only transport my wheelchair. It was easy to attach and remove, also to be able to just put the shoulder strap on and be able to carry it off as a holdall was great. Once on the bag never moved, even travelling at speed on the motorway, the third brake light was good also as the bag covered the one on the car. I would recommend your product to anyone without hesitation with no signs of it being on the boot with the protective mat. Fantastic and congratulations on a well thought out product!!

Thank you, one very happy motorist,


10.3.15 -UK







I have had a boot-bag for four years now and use it regularly....I didn't hesitate in getting one once I found it the product is very well designed


10.1.15 -UK








Mazda MX5 Rear Luggage RackLiza,

Just a quick email to let you know what an excellent product the Boot-Bag has proved to be. My wife and I drove nearly 1300 miles around France over half-term in our MX5, and the Boot-Bag was first class. We were staying in a variety of locations [almost a different one each night] and not only did the Boot-Bag provide plenty of extra capacity, but the webbing strap harnesses etc proved easy to attach/detach.

Along with the first class purchase/delivery process, we have been immensely impressed with your product.

Thank you very much


3.11.14 -UK




mazda miata prht luggage rack

Hi Antony

Boot-bag on the rear. Love it !! Worked out great. Thanks

Mr Austin

3.10.14  New York State USA






bmw z3 luggage rack

We used the boot-bag great for our vacation. It is a super thing.

On the journey to our destination, we were able to test the tightness on the boot-lid. It rained on the whole 650km and it was all dry inside the bag. I can only recommend boot-bag, much better than any other carrier.

Daniel Brechbühl

27.8.14 Switzerland






jaguar xk8 luggage rack bag

Hi Antony,

Just thought I would let you know how impressed I am with the boot-bag I bought from you a couple of years ago. It didn't get used the first year last year and this year it has worked really well for our trip to France, helping us to take enough gear for a month away at a house we are renovating, including camping for a few nights en-route. This year in both directions we encountered some really torrential rain - the sort which meant we could barely see the road in front of us with wipers on full speed not coping. Despite that, everything inside the bag remained completely dry. A great product which I highly recommend.



14.8.14  - UK




Nissan 350z convertible luggage boot rack

Antony & Lisa

My order arrived this morning, couldn't wait to try the fit on my 350z roadster,I stuffed the bag full of anything I could put my hands on to simulate a full bag I am thrilled with it, & so is my wife as she can now fill the boot of the car to Overflowing with shoe's & bag's. We are off in a few weeks touring Italy, & the bag will be a godsend.

I will send pics when we leave with the bag full attached to the Z.

Great product


2.8.14 - UK



mazda mx5 boot bag luggage bags

Good Evening Lisa,

Just got back after a 1500 mile trip in our MX5 from Germany to Italy with several stopovers. What a great bonus it was having the Boot-bag Vacation. Gave us so much additional space, we even had some to spare!!

So easy to fit and remove and we did encounter some severe rain on way home but everything remained dry.

Thanks from a very happy customer


14.7.14 - UK



jaguar f type luggage rackhello just to tell you I am using your boot-bag on my F Type and with 200 KM it still does not move at all really a great and useful product.

Thank you

Jan Van Den Donk

13.7.14  - Belgium






mazda miata trunk lid rack - prht bootbag

hi Antony boot-bag arrived today July 5th just in time for our Miata Club meeting night ( ice cream night)...Just so you know it fits a 2008 PRHT model fine. You can put the power top up or down with the boot-bag on the trunk. Quality is very good, once on it stays in place...thanks for the fast service it was here four days early...

3.7.14 Del Austin Kirkwood ( Mid State Miata Club of New York ) - USA





audi tt roadster luggage rack

I thought you might be interested to see the pictures of my 2014 Audi TT with the spring rack fitted that I purchased from you this week. The rack was delivered promptly and assembled with ease, it looks great in the black and suits my car. It fitted in minutes and gives the car a sporty touring look. I have loaded the rack with a waterproof bag which has a considerable amount of equipment packed in it for a weekend of camping, secured in place with two straps I have taken it for a test drive around some country roads and for a blast down a dual carriageway all is well and secure, thanks

Mark 13.6.14- UK





aston martin v8 volante luggage boot rack

Dear Liza, we have now returned from France and the Boot-Bag was brilliant – thanks for getting it to me so quickly. First, it meant marital harmony when we packed the car! An Aston does not have a very generous boot and with the ability to put my case on the boot lid, my wife had the whole of the boot to herself – smiles all round. After the first trial the bag was very quick and easy to take on and off and after driving through a sustained and very heavy storm the contents of the bag were totally dry. While the car was not driven over 90 mph the bag was stable and never moved on the boot lid.
A great product and only wish I had found it sooner.
Regards, Mike 9.6.14 - UK




audi 80 convertible luggage boot rack

Hello Antony,

we are glad to have the boot-bag. We have been several times to UK with the boot-bag. It has survived the ferry and many of miles. We also managed our holiday in Hungary with it.  

My old lady is an Audi 80 convertible, and she is running and running.


Cheers Mats from Cologne








mazda mx5 roadster luggage boot rack


Hello, Several weeks ago I purchased your fantastic and high quality product "boot
bag" from a German supplier to get more storage space for my Mazda MX5 NC... the easy connection system to
the car, the protection of the car painting, the water tightness, the easy
handling, the flexibility and softness of the bottom section and all the
other great advantages of your product.

Hermann 10.5.14 - Germany





mazda mx5 mk3 luggage boot rack


Hi Liza
Many thanks for the Boot Bag. As you can see it worked a treat on our MX5.  This photo was taken whilst we were waiting for the Ferry from Le Harvre to Portsmouth on Friday.  As this was only a short trip, we took the boot bag with us empty, and on the way home transferred our luggage into the bag and filled our boot with shopping. Works a treat and we are now planning a longer trip to visit family in Portugal. Thanks for a super product

Jeremy & Kate Rashbrooke  8.3.14 UK







audi a5 cabriolet luggage boot rack bootbagHi Lisa

I have some photos for you ..They were taken in Igoumeniza Greece in September on my Audi A5 Cabriolet and it worked very well! Its next outing is at Christmas when I am going back from Aix en Provence to collect our children and bring them back for Christmas. The Boot Bag means we will not be full of bags in the car.

Best wishes

Tim 1.12.13 - FRANCE/GREECE






infiniti luggage boot rackHi, I recently bought a boot bag from you and there was a slip of paper included asking to send you pictures of them in use. I’ve now used the bag on a road trip across Europe to Italy and it performed admirably despite driving through torrential thunderstorms in Belgium and Switzerland there was only very modest water ingress inside. I’ve attached a picture of the car and bag I took while we were having lunch in Switzerland (on the Great St Bernard Pass) and the bag fits the car really well, securely fixed despite the bendy roads and top speeds on the Italian Autostrada. Lots of people we spoke to wanted to know all about it!

Thanks Nick Young 28.8.13 - UK





sunbeam tiger luggage boot rack


Many thanks for your prompt attention to the boot-bag supply, which allowed us to use it on our recent European trip. Great addition as luggage space and completely waterproof !

M.Goodwin 19.8.13 - UK








rear luggage boot rack for convertible mazda mx5I thought I'd let you know that we have just returned from a 2,500 mile driving tour of Europe in our MX5 and found your Boot Bag to be really great for the journey! We have a fold-down hard top and found that by positioning your Boot bag correctly we could still drop the top with the bag in place.We took in the St Bernardino Pass heading to Lake Como in Italy, the Sustenpass going back into Switzerland and the Hahntennjoch Pass near Innsbruck in Austria - a real driver's holiday.

The Boot Bag was a great addition to our holiday and well worth it - we even had the space to bring back a good supply of excellent German Wines!

John Whalley 16.8.13 - UK






review of boot-bag car boot luggage rack



Classic and Sportscar reviews boot-bag in their July 2013 issue








mazda miata luggage rack - bootbag

This ingenious product described as the luggage rack evolved is a great alternative to the many solutions offered to address the limited trunk space in cars like out little Miata's...I would be very happy using this to handle luggage on a trip. The product is well made does not appear to be any kind of risk to the finish on any car presuming you use common sense...After 60 miles on public roads  I noticed only the expected loss of rearward vision. No movement or noise was evident on either the highways or the twisty roads...If you have been looking for a solution to more trunk space I highly recommend the boot-bag.

Curt Springstead, Review of boot-bag July 2013

Events Coordinator Delaware Valley Miata Club USA

Full review here





mazda mx5 mk2 luggage rackFirstly, thank you so much for the Boot Bag, it is brilliant and took me and my girlfriend very happily on our first camping (glamping) trip over half term, and could not have done it without the bag.  All the camping gear was squeezed into the boot, leaving the boot bag to take all of our clothes.  I have attached two photos for the photo competition and for your website, we absolutely love the bag and loved camping out of the Mazda...

Best Wishes Charlie 17.6.13 - UK








audi tt roadster mk1 luggage boot rackMy name is Fred Taggerty, I recently purchased one of your boot bag vacations. I have travelled from Scotland to Turkey with it. It has done a fantastic job, been through rain and snow no problems at all, everything was clean and dry. Easy to remove and put back on at all the stops, just like a big holdall...great invention, my girlfriend would not have managed half her stuff (hairdryers, shoes, bags etc...) without it...  feel free to use this email in your testimonials... All the best for the future.

30.4.13 - UK







mazda mx5 mk2 lugagge rackDear Liza and Antony,Thank you for producing such a worthwhile and honest product.
We bought the “Vacation” size for our Mazda MX-5 to help transport our expensive and reasonably delicate electronic items from Valencia to our new base in Tenerife. We read many reviews, and quite honestly the “Boot- Bag” is in my opinion unique as it performed faultlessly throughout our trip with absolutely Zero damage to, the car paintwork, any of our items, and no problem or fear of security of the “Bag” becoming dislodged whilst travelling. First day of use the “Boot-Bag” was subjected to a “Tropical Rainstorm” lasting over 5 hours. (This rain washed away parts of the motorway and destroyed buildings and bridges!!,).
The winds were of gale force. Thankfully the weather improved. We drove then at up to 200km/h and no problem or fear of dislodgement. A week later we arrived in Tenerife and upon opening the “Boot-Bag” were relieved, delighted and amazed that all of the contents were sound and dry (not even “sweated”) and all worked as they should.
Thanks' once again.
Bob 18.3.13 - SPAIN




smart roadster luggage boot rack

hi Liza I just wanted to say how happy we are with our purchase ! We drove 3500km for a great holiday which was only possible because of our boot-bag ! I contemplated replacing my car until I found your website! We drove through all weather in our Smart Roadster from sunshine to snow and the contents were nice and dry. The bag is securely fastened at speeds and is quickly positioned and removed !

so again great product !

Daniel Gatt







mazda mx5 bootbagDear Liza

I have been very impressed with the boot-bag which we used for 3 weeks in Ireland on the back of our MX5. The weather was atrocious with very heavy rain at times and some days rain all day. I did find the contents of the boot-bag stayed dry...Its a brilliant invention and allowed my wife to take a lot more clothes !

Mike Scruby 12.7.12






Review of boot-bag here :





waterproof luggage bag for morganAntony after much searching for a solution to our limited boot space issue, we have a Morgan Roadster we across the boot-bag. I am happy to report that during our trip to France its waterproofing was thoroughly tested and everything was completely dry ! It was easy to pack and saved many hours on previous options...Just wanted to send you the feedback as it really is a most useful bag.

Lindsay & Nigel Percival 2.7.12








lamborghini boot luggage rack gallardo

Antony just wanted to send you an email to say say the boot-bag was faultless on our trip to Monaco in my Lamborghini, a very useful product and its saved me £300 in sending our luggage ahead by air !


Gavin King








honda s2000 luggage boot rackHello Liza.  Thought this might be of interest.  Stayed on at up to 140mph fully laden with all of the stresses to the straps you’d imagine the ‘Ring’ would throw at it.  Obviously haven’t put the speed on the write up to the club in case it becomes a challenge to others, but it worked very very well and for staying put?  No problem, even on the Nurburgring Nordschleife which we popped into for a quick lap or two, the car remained completely loaded with the boot bag on the boot and it didn't move a muscle; certainly surprised and disappointed a gaggle of Porsche drivers (to be honest though I do know the track reasonably well after 12 years of 'popping by' so I did have an advantage.) Would definitely recommend it and use it again without hesitation. 

Best thing is the ease of removing the bag itself and popping it onto the seats whilst in towns... just in-case a thief with a knife wanted to sample the contents; it takes seconds to remove and equally to reposition IF you leave the straps in place when you've taken to off.  Even then, to do the whole thing including repositioning the straps, say in the morning after a hotel stop, it is still only a few minutes. Well worth it; we sort of used it as a boot-case and took in to the hotels with us. 

Kindest regards  José Figueira 5.2.12




mercedes benz slk luggage boot rack


Hi Liza, You may recall I purchased a vacation sized boot bag a couple of weeks ago.  I ordered it by phone and spoke to you.We have just returned from our holiday in Wales and the boot-bag was brilliant.  It survived one heavy rain shower with waterproof perfection.  The bag construction, idea and most of materials are spot on.

Paul W 02.09.11





mazda mx5 roadster Coupe Boot Rack


Liza, We have just returned from 2000 miles of roof down driving in France and would like to thank you for an excellent product. The bag fitted in minutes and never moved, what a great design and so easy to remove at the end of the day.To raise the roof on our MX5 Roadster Coupe all we had to do was slacken two of the straps, move the full bag 2 inches backwards and then operate the roof, very easy.

Many thanks

John B 5.7.11






Aston Martin V8 Convertible Boot RackThanks for sending the boot-bag so promptly Liza. We were really impressed with it – it survived a torrential downpour on our trip down to Le Mans, and it suited the car quite well (see photo)! Can’t believe I didn’t think of this idea years ago when I was driving around in an MG Midget!


Chris 17.6.11










ferrari california luggage boot rack

Hi I just wanted to drop you a note and say what a wonderful product this is. We bought it  last year to tour Europe on our Aston Martin DB9 Volante and as you can see from the picture we have just got back again this time in our Ferrari California.


Darren Hutchin 7.8.10










audi tt roadster luggage rack

'4000 miles road trip around Europe and the BootBag was worth every penny, well done on a top design and a great bit of kit.' Phil Spencer 7.9.10











fraser nash vintage car luggage boot rack

Dear Antony, I thought you might like to see the boot-bag on my Frazer Nash. It has just be used most successfully on a trip to the Italian Alps and to Normandy, both with the Frazer Nash Car Club. It is so much better than a boot rack on the back of the car. Many thanks for this great product, James 26.8.09









alfa romeo spider luggage boot rack

Just wanted to say thanks for sending out the boot-bag so promptly at the end of July. It arrived next day and was almost straight on the car for our holiday! We did about 500 miles with the bag attached from Herts to North Yorks and back via a detour in the Peak District. The bag worked really well. It was easy to fit and really stable on the car under all conditions. We came through heavy rain on the return journey and the bag was both water tight and dried quickly. Andy H 17.6.09









lotus elise luggage rack s1Antony I am currently in France and the boot-bag is brilliant No problems in fitting it - takes about three minutes - and it seems to cling on well when chucking the car in to the corners, the bag is a perfect size too definitely a good purchase thanks NG (Lotus Elise S1 owner) 10.6.09










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