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Mazda MX5 luggage rack : Evolved

car luggage rack bootbag

mazda mx5  luggage rackMazda MX5 Luggage Rack ? We Ask You To Consider a Boot-Bag. Extra Luggage Space Without A Rack.

We are a UK based company but ship to Australia on a regular basis. Shipping is £24.95 ( approx $52 AUD )

Boot-bag is a waterproof luggage bag that sits on a non slip mat to protect your paintwork and attaches with 3 straps that simply loop around your MX5's boot-lid, they are soft so won't damage the edge of the boot-lid like a normal MX5 rack. If you buy a luggage/boot rack you probably still need a waterproof bag...

Why boot-bag for Mazda MX5 instead of a  luggage rack ?

  • Fully Waterproof & No risk of any paintwork damage

  • Fits all MX5's including the MK3/NC Roadster & New Mk4/ND

  • Attaches using soft webbing so no damage to paint or boot lid edge.

  • Sits on a soft non slip mat to protect boot lid top

  • 14 day no quibble money back guarantee.

  • Hand made in Buckinghamshire since 2008 - tried & tested.

  • Folds flat for easy storage, can be removed in minutes and stored inside if you stop.

  • Saves Money ; half the price of a rack and waterproof holdall/suitcase




    mazda mx5 luggage rackHere is what one Australian customer had to say : " We did 12,000 km in 6 weeks in all kind of conditions from a start up very cold and chilly -4 c when we left central NSW to a rather stuffy hot and humid 36 c in Kakadu Park Northern Territory plus the dusty dirt tracks of the outback central Australian roads. Good news too as the boot bag never let us down at any time. We travelled in harsh conditions dust,rain,wind and best of all it held rock steady in the territories open speed limit of 220 kmph."










    There are two sizes in the boot-bag range :

    boot-bag original Mazda MX5 luggage rack :

    £82.95 ( approx $175 AUD )   - 50 Litres of additional luggage capacity  measures 70x36x20cm ( 28"x15"X8") giving 50 litres (1.75 cubic feet) of additional storage. The soft non slip mat the bag sits on is slightly bigger measuring 80x40cm.

Mazda MX5 NB Luggage rackMazda MX5 Roadster Luggage Boot RackMazda MX5 Luggage Rack NB

mazda mx5 nd mk4 luggage rackmazda mx5 nc luggage rack

mazda mx5 luggage rack ncmazda mx5 roadster luggage rack


               boot-bag vacation Mazda MX5 luggage rack :

               vacation - £104.95 ( Approx $220 AUD ) - 75 Litres of additional luggage capacity, 50% larger than the boot-bag original measuring 90x40x20cm. The soft mat measures 90x45cm.

mx5 luggage rack mk4 ndmazda mx5 luggage rack mk2

mazda mx5 luggage rack mk3mx5 luggage rack

Please watch the film to see how boot-bags work instead of a luggage rack on your Mazda MX5



About this boot luggage rack system for the iconic Mazda MX5.



Mazda MX5 luggage rack hand made

All boot-bags are hand made by us in Buckinghamshire England, our idea, our design, our patent, our manufacture. No one else makes boot-bags.







anti slip matting for the mazda mx5  luggage rackBoot-bag sits on an anti slip matting this protects your Mazda's paintwork the mat is 4mm thick, its 'squashy' and is 'anti slip' so it stays in place.










close up of the mx5 luggage rack zip on bootbagBoot-bag has a large flap held in place with Velcro that sits over the zip to ensure no water gets through the tiny holes in the zip. The zip has two buckles and can be padlocked for security.











close up of the mazda mx5 boot luggage rack bootbag

All fixings are attached to two circles on the top of the bag, these are sown on then high frequency welded so no water can enter the bag, its fully waterproof ( Please check out our feedback and testimonials )










inside of the boot bag mazda mx5  luggage rack

The bag is one compartment inside with a zip on three sides, the clear  plastic that's welded over the stitches can clearly be seen.










mazda mx5 luggage rack strap detailsThe straps attach to the boot-bag using ladder lock fittings, these are found on rucksacks, bags etc. The harder the straps are pulled the tighter the joint becomes, as long as the straps are tight, the boot-bag is not going to move. The straps can each hold 500kg.










mazda mx5 luggage rack on boot

Boot-bag  has a detachable shoulder strap, so you can arrive at your destination attach and carry the bag off like a normal holdall.









optional 3rd brake light for the bootbag mazda mx5 boot luggage rack

Optional third brake light for the MK3/MK4 Mazda MX5 attaches to the top of the bag.








bootbag strap system for the mazdz mx5 boot lid

boot-bag  has no clips or hooks and simply attaches using webbing, no paint chips or your Mazda MX5 here ! The webbing won't move neither will the mat so there is no risk of any damage to your paintwork.



Please Note : We advise against lowering or raising the roof on the MX5 Roadster with the boot-bag attached as this may place additional strain on the electric motors.



Here is what some Mazda MX5 & Miata customers have to say :


mazda mx5 bootbag luggage rack review

hi Liza,

Here is one of the photos at Ulura/Ayres rock in the northern territory Australia.

We did 12,000 km in 6 weeks in all kind of conditions from a start up very cold and chilly -4 c when we left central NSW to a rather stuffy hot and humid 36 c in Kakadu Park Northern Territory plus the dusty dirt tracks of the outback central Australian roads.

Good news too as the boot bag never let us down at any time. We travelled in harsh conditions dust,rain,wind and best of all it held rock steady in the territories open speed limit of 220 kmph.


Juliet ( Australia )





luggage boot rack for the mazda mx5 mk3 coupe convertible


Hi Liza
Many thanks for the Boot Bag. As you can see it worked a treat on our MX5.  This photo was taken whilst we were waiting for the Ferry from Le Harvre to Portsmouth on Friday.  As this was only a short trip, we took the boot bag with us empty, and on the way home transferred our luggage into the bag and filled our boot with shopping. Works a treat and we are now planning a longer trip to visit family in Portugal.Thanks for a super product
Jeremy & Kate Rashbrooke






bootbag fitted to a mk3 mazda mx5 instead of a boot luggage rack


Liza, We have just returned from 2000 miles of roof down driving in France and would like to thank you for an excellent product. The bag fitted in minutes and never moved, what a great design and so easy to remove at the end of the day. To raise the roof on our MX5 Roadster Coupe all we had to do was slacken two of the straps, move the full bag 2 inches backwards and then operate the roof, very easy.

Many thanks

John B 5.7.11






mazda mx5 mk2 with bootbag vaction boot luggage rack fittedDear Liza and Antony,
Thank you for producing such a worthwhile and honest product.
We bought the “Vacation” size for our Mazda MX-5 to help transport our expensive and reasonably delicate electronic items from Valencia to our new base in Tenerife. We read many reviews, and quite honestly the “Boot- Bag” is in my opinion unique as it performed faultlessly throughout our trip with absolutely Zero damage to, the car paintwork, any of our items, and no problem or fear of security of the “Bag” becoming dislodged whilst travelling. First day of use the “Boot-Bag” was subjected to a “Tropical Rainstorm” lasting over 5 hours. (This rain washed away parts of the motorway and destroyed buildings and bridges!!,).
The winds were of gale force. Thankfully the weather improved. We drove then at up to 200km/h and no problem or fear of dislodgement. A week later we arrived in Tenerife and upon opening the “Boot-Bag” were relieved, delighted and amazed that all of the contents were sound and dry (not even “sweated”) and all worked as they should.
Thanks' once again.
Bob 18.3.13



bootbag fitted to a mazda miata instead of a trunk luggage rack

'This ingenious product described as the luggage rack evolved is a great alternative to the many solutions offered to address the limited trunk space in cars like out little Miata's...I would be very happy using this to handle luggage on a trip. The product is well made does not appear to be any kind of risk to the finish on any car presuming you use common sense...After 60 miles on public roads  I noticed only the expected loss of rearward vision. No movement or noise was evident on either the highways or the twisty roads...If you have been looking for a solution to more trunk space I highly recommend the boot-bag'

Carl Springstead, Review of boot-bag July 2013

Events Coordinator Delaware Valley Miata Club USA

Full review here






bootbag car luggage rack fitted to a mazda mx5

Hello, Several weeks ago I purchased your fantastic and high quality product "boot
bag" from a German supplier to get more storage space for my Mazda MX5 NC... the easy connection system to
the car, the protection of the car painting, the water tightness, the easy
handling, the flexibility and softness of the bottom section and all the
other great advantages of your product.

Hermann 10.5.14







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