Luggage strap with integrated third brake light - stay legal

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Third Brake light Luggage Strap for Revo-Racks, Spring Racks & Summer 142.

2.5-meter luggage strap with a third brake light attached with Velcro, for vehicles where the luggage rack covers the third brake light. The wire is hidden in the strap as shown.

The light now supplied is better than the photo and does come with a universal plug and some wiring will be required to connect the light to your car.

We recommend :

1. Purchase the correct connector from the parts department of your local dealer and connect it to the third brake light lead.

2. The connector is a Hopkins 47965 connector and these can be purchased on Ebay, Amazon etc. We suggest its best to add a spur to your third brake light so this light can be added and removed with ease.
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