BMW Z1 Z3 & Z8 Luggage Rack : Revo-Rack Black

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Revo-Rack is a unique design of BMW Z3 Z1 & Z8 Luggage Rack that eliminates the risk of paint damage, caused by steel clamps or straps on the fragile boot lid edges. Revo-Rack can be fitted in under a minute.

We have been manufacturing the Revo-Rack since 2016 with the choice of two finishes black or PA (polished anodised) which creates a chrome like shine. We only sell direct over the web.

We designed Revo-Rack in 2015. The issue with fitting a conventional metal clamp based luggage rack to a modern convertible is the small panel gap - there is no room for a metal clamp.

Revo-Rack attaches to your BMW using vacuum cup technology, these are not suction cups. Suction is what creates vacuum. Vacuum is the total absence of air whereas suction is the process done to achieve a vacuum. The grey buttons on the side of the cups pump out the air creating a huge, securing force.

In 2015 Revo-Rack was independently certified by TUV Italy part of the global TUV testing and certification business. It went through speed, braking and force tests, to ISO 11154:2006 Revo-Rack passed all these tests and is certified to carry 20kg/45lbs. Since 2016 we have sold over 10,000 Revo-Racks and never had a failure.

Why a Revo-Rack Luggage Rack ?

In manufacture since 2016 tried & tested
No clamps
No bolts
No drilling
No Straps
No paint damage
Fitted in 2 minutes without tools
Can carry 20kg/45lbs
Lightweight aluminium frame - won’t ever rust.
Supplied with two luggage straps and a cotton storage bag
Tested to ISO : 11154
Shipped in 1-3 days with DHL

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