Luggage Rack Alternative Mercedes-Benz SLK & SLC - Boot-bag Vacation *** All models ***

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Boot-bags are hand made by us in Buckinghamshire UK. We have been manufacturing them since 2008 with over 20,000 shipped. Boot-bags sit on a soft non slip mat to protect paint and can by fitted and removed in minutes, no fiddly clamps or brackets that damage paintwork and if you purchase a conventional luggage rack odds are you will also need waterproof luggage...

Why a boot-bag Vacation for your SLK or SLC ?

Fully Waterproof.

Attaches using soft webbing so no damage to paint or the boot edge.

Sits on a soft anti slip fabric to protect your SLK/SLC's paintwork, bag has soft base no studs, hooks or clips.

Hand made in the UK made since 2008.

Over 20,000 sold worldwide, tried & tested design.

14 day no quibble money back guarantee.

Folds flat for easy storage, can be removed and stored in the car if you stop on route.

If you buy a car luggage or car boot rack you still need a waterproof luggage bag.

Not specific to your car if you change convertibles keep the boot-bag.

Whilst in theory the roof can be operated with the bag in place we don't recommend it as Mercedes will not have calibrated the motors to lift the additional weight.

Measures 90x40x20cm holds 75 Litres

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