Alfa Romeo Spider Luggage Rack 1966-2010 inc 916 + Brera : Revo-Rack Black

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Revo-Rack is an entirely new type of Alfa Romeo Spider rack that virtually eliminates the risk of damage to paint caused by steel clips or straps attached to the edge of the boot lid. It is suitable for all Alfa Spider models.

With the Alfa Romeo Spider Revo-Rack luggage rack, no metal comes into contact with your car, only soft rubber suction cups, which secure the luggage rack to your car using the pressure of the atmosphere.

Revo-Rack has been independently tested by TUV Italy, part of the global TUV testing and certification business.The rack has been tested for speed, braking and force, to ISO 11154: 2006, the international standard for roof bars and the European General Safety Directive 2002/95 / EC. Revo-Rack has passed all these tests: Its the only luggage rack for sale globally to have met this standard.

Why a Alfa Spider Revo-Rack ?

  • No Brackets No Straps No Clamps No Damage

  • No hassle to fit, no fiddly brackets

  • Ideal for sports cars today that have panel gaps too narrow to allow a traditional clamp on the boot lid edges the Revo-Rack's load capacity has been rated at 20 kg / 45 lb F

  • Suitable for all Alfa Romeo Spider 1966 - 2010 models (in Brera & 916) Supplied with two luggage straps and a cotton storage bag.

  • Tested to ISO 11154 PAS 2006

Frame of the Revo-Rack

The Alfa Romeo Spider rack is made from 25 mm / 1 inch aluminum 6063-T5 aluminum alloy tubing. As a result, the luggage rack frame weighs only 1.672 kg / 3.6 lbs, making it ideally suited to today's boot lids made of aluminum and composite materials. Crossbars are mechanically welded in place to ensure uniformity. The luggage rack is lacquered in black and measures 900 x 420 mm / 36 x 17 inches.


Vacuum cup Technology ?

The luggage rack is attached to your Alfa Romeo by means of three vacuum cups of 115 mm capable according to the manufacturer's assessment to support a weight of 18 kg / 40 lb each. Vacuum cups use the force of atmospheric pressure to attach to a surface: when there is a vacuum between the cup and the surface on which it is attached, the weight of the Earth's atmosphere holds the cup in place. Unlike other suction cups that emit a vacuum from the surface, the Revo-Rack's vacuum cups use a manually activated pump to effectively expel air from between the rubber pad and the car paintwork, ensuring a very tight grip, with zero risk of damage.

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