Audi TT Roadster Luggage Rack Polished Anodised Stainless Steel/Chrome Finish - All Models of Roadster 1999 - Today

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Revo-Rack is a Revolutionary car luggage rack that virtually eliminates the risk of paint damage, caused by steel clamps or straps that damage the boot/trunk lid edge. No matter how careful you are when fitting a conventional rack you will at some point chip dent or scratch the paint.

The Revo-Rack PA - Is hand polished and then anodised, this results in an amazing deep luster. We think its a much better finish and has a greater lambency than stainless steel. It also means the Revo-Rack PA retains its aluminium and magnesium frame and lightweight properties.

Revo-Rack has been independently tested by TUV Italy part of the global TUV testing and certification business. The rack went through speed, braking and force tests, to ISO 11154:2006 the international standard for car roof bars and the European Directive for general safety 2002/95/CE. Revo-Rack passed all these tests : It won't fly off !

With Revo-Rack no metal touches your car only soft rubber vacuum cups

Made from aluminium & magnesium tube Revo Rack weights 1.67kg/3.6lbs

Revo-Rack measures 90x42cm / 36"x17".

Revo-Racks carrying capacity has been rated at 25kg / 55lbs

Why a Revo-Rack Luggage Rack ?

No clamps
No bolts
No drilling
No Straps
No paint damage
Fits Typ 8N/8J/8S - ie all Audi TT Roadsters since 2009
Due to the 3mm/1/8" panel gap on the Audi TT between the deck/boot lid and rear wing/fender its really too small for a traditional clamp to fit, without damage to the trunk/deck/boot edge.
Revo-Racks load carrying capacity has been rated at 20kg / 45Ibs
Not immediately obvious how to release the rack from the trunk lid - Impossible to pull off, therefore theft is difficult. ( Anti theft strap available for extra )
If you do stop for a prolonged period and are concerned about your luggage we suggest you remove the rack and luggage and place it inside your car, a 30 second task and fit the anti theft strap with the rack.
Supplied with 2 straps for luggage and storage bag

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