Audi TT MK1/8N 1999-2006 Revo-Rack Black

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Revo-Rack is a completely new type of Audi TT MK1/8N luggage rack that virtually eliminates the risk of paint damage, caused by steel clamps or straps on the boot/trunk lid edge its universal design also allows it to fit any boot lid that takes the foot print of the rack, irrespective of size or shape. We make the rack in two finishes powder coated black or hand polished and anodised for a deep shine. Both versions use the same T5 Aluminium & Magnesium tubing.

With the Revo-Rack Luggage Rack no metal touches your car only soft rubber vacuum cups these use the pressure of the atmosphere to secure the rack to your TT's boot or deck lid.

Revo-Rack has been independently tested by TUV Italy part of the global TUV testing and certification business. The rack went through speed, braking and force tests, to ISO 11154:2006 the international standard for car roof bars and the European Directive for general safety 2002/95/CE. Revo-Rack passed all these tests : It won't fly off !

Why a Revo-Rack Audi TT Roadster Luggage Rack ?
No clamps
No bolts
No drilling
No paint damage
Perfect for todays Audi's with panel gaps too small for a traditional clamp
Revo-Racks load carrying capacity has been rated at 20kg / 45Ibs
Not immediately obvious how to release the rack from the boot/trunk lid - Impossible to pull off therefore theft is difficult, anti theft strap available.
If you do stop for a prolonged period and are concerned about your luggage we suggest you remove the rack and luggage and place it inside your car, a 30 second task.
The Revo-Rack is not designed for permanent fitting.
Supplied with two luggage straps and a cotton storage bag
Tested to ISO 11154

Whats in the box ?

Revo-Rack Frame 90x42cm / 36"x17"
3 x 120mm/5" vacuum cups
2 x luggage straps
Large black storage bag for rack frame
Small black storage bag for vacuum cups

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