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  • Hello

    We have just completed our second long road trip with the Revo-Rack on the MX5. This time we did 3800km mostly at freeway speeds but also plenty of curvy roads.

    The rack held fast in all the wind blasts and lots of lateral forces. Top up or top down there was never a worry with the rack and luggage.

    We could not be happier with our purchase.


    Murray and Lindy

    Melbourne Australia

  • Hello Lisa & Tony

    We love our luggage rack !

    We just completed our 11,200 km trip across Canada via the TransCanada hiway, east to west and then back via the USA. We had a bag on the luggage rack which weighed 60lbs with our gear and clothes and stuff. Never a problem the never shifted 1mm and allowed us to bring all our gear on this awesome trip.

    Thanks so much. Your rack was the envy of many other sports car travellers we met on the road. Attached a few pics of our trip feel free to use them.


    Fred & Shelia

    Ottawa Canada

  • hello

    I just wanted to email you to say what a fantastic product the boot bag is! We have just travelled over 1000 miles in my Mazda Mx5 with it attached to the boot and it was amazing. So roomy and so much fitted in it and it didn't move or cause any issues at all during travel. You have changed the way we travel for good, its amazing! Thank you so much



    Basingstoke UK

  • Greetings Liza,

    At last I have overcome my religious difficulty (am a devout "LAZY" ), and wish to send you this short email... we meandered around for a month visiting many rural areas of South Australia, Victoria and a little of New South Wales to return home last week with now 10,000kms on the same speedo, all with the boot-bag on RF.

    We did stop most every night, and were able just to click 6 buckles and take BB into the motel room. In the morning we had an exacting regimen and were on the way within a few minutes, completely done us …. and not a screech/complaint from the boot-bag


    Overall a terrific holiday, made better by our association with your product. Fantastic !!!!




  • Huge shoutout to the people across the pond at Revo-Rack. They didn’t pay me or anything to endorse them, but the revo-rack is honestly the best possible solution for adding storage capacity to the world’s favorite roadster. It left no marks and I am sure it would work well on other vehicles too. At around $300 the rack seemed expensive at first, but it worked flawlessly on my Miata and even kept all that camping gear rock steady into triple digit speeds at one point. Plus it’s something that I’ll continue to use in the future'




  • hi Liza

    I bought a boot-bag this summer for the holiday trips with my Mazda MX5. I really have become a great fan of your product. Very easy to install and when not in use easy to store in the car. You just have to make sure that the boot is clean before putting the mat on and think a bit how you pack the bag (no objects in the bottom of the bag that can be pressed into the boot)

    In my case I packed camping gear for two people into the boot-bag. I did try to operate the roof with the bag on but as it is so quick to install I just took it off when I wanted to close the roof. Also hardly any wind noise when fitted when the straps are properly tied. We had some rain on the way but everything stayed dry inside. I highly recommend the boot-bag for use with an MX5.

    Kind Regards