Honda S2000 Trunk Luggage Rack


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If you are looking for a Honda S2000 trunk luggage rack, we can help. The boot-bag detailed below is perfect for the S2000.

If you prefer a conventional metal luggage rack please visit our other website Revo-Rack which has a large range of options.


red honda s2000 next to a hedge with a boot-bag original luggage rack fitted on a sunny day hood down

boot-bag original fits the S2000 perfectly, we know we have one !


Unique Honda S2000 Trunk Luggage Rack


50 or 75 Litres of extra luggage space without a metal rack


Fully waterproof


Soft anti slip fabric base protects paint


Create extra luggage space for your Honda S2000 without a luggage rack

boot-bag is a waterproof luggage bag that attaches to your Honda's trunk lid using a unique strapping system. The bag sits on a soft non slip mat fabric mat to protect your paintwork. It's an alternative to the traditional luggage rack, that's guaranteed to chip the edge of your S2000's trunk lid.


Why boot-bag for Honda S2000 instead of a Luggage Rack ?

  • Shipped in 3-5 days to the USA with DHL Express tracked all the way , no import tax, no state tax.
  • The straps don't damage the edge of the trunk/deck lid like a traditional rack.
  • Fully Waterproof
  • Attaches using soft webbing so no damage to paint
  • Sits on a soft non slip mat
  • Hand made by us - over 25,000 sold = tried & tested
  • 14 Day money back guarantee
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Est in 2008 thousands sold worldwide
  • Supplied with detachable shoulder strap
  • Shipped globally


There are two sizes in the boot-bag range :

original  -  $159.95  50 Litres of additional luggage capacity  measures 70x36x20cm  / 28"x15"x8" giving 1.75 cubic feet of additional storage. The soft non slip mat the bag sits on is slightly bigger.

vacation - $194.95  75 Litres of additional luggage capacity, its 50% larger than the boot-bag original measuring 90x40x20cm  /  36"x16"x8"





red honda s2000 hood down on a sunny day with a luggage rack fitted

All boot-bags are supplied with a soft anti slip fabric mat this sits under the bag protects paintwork.

silver honda s2000 in a showroom with a boot-bag vacation boot rack fitted

Boot-bag Vacation is a big bag adding 75 litres of extra space 36"x16"8"

Stage 1 lay out the 3 straps in an H shape

Stage 2 shut the boot/trunk and place the soft anti slip matting in the middle

Attach the six ends of the straps to the boot-bag. They simply loop around the boot/trunk lid.




Please watch the video to see how boot-bag Honda S2000 Luggage Rack works



a boot-bag original luggage rack being made

All boot-bags are manufactured by us

We only sell direct via the internet

No one else makes boot-bags


All boot-bags are supplied with fabric anti slip matting


It sits under the bag and protects paint


Its 4mm thick


Boot-bags won't damage paint over a decade of sales proves this



Boot-bags base is soft


No studs or feet to damage paint


Unique sling design spreads weight






Boot-bags are fully waterproof



Velcro flap over the zip prevents water ingress




close up of a boot-vacation luggage rack showing the zip details

Innovative 'H' strap on the top of the boot-bag spreads the load


Fixings are sown on & welded so the bags are waterproof


Six ladder-lock fixings secure the bag to your Honda



Six ladder-lock fixings secure the bag


Once pulled tight webbing does not move & rub edges


Thin webbing is perfect for modern convertibles with small panel gaps



close up of the strap details on a boot-bag original alfa romeo spider luggage rack

red jaguar f type with a boot-bag luggage rack fitted showing the boot open and the strapping system

The straps simply loop around the boot/trunk lid


On convertibles with a lip on the boot/trunk edge fill the boot/trunk first


Once tight straps don't move





What our customers think of the boot-bag since 2008 read what they think here

We did 12,000 km in 6 weeks in all kind of conditions

The boot-bag has been brilliant. I drove from Sussex to Bologna (1500KM)

We love our boot-bag, bought a while ago...Brilliant and still going strong.

After a 2600 mile trip around Europe I highly recommend the Boot Bag.

10,000kms on the same speedo, all with the boot-bag on RF.